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Here is a selection of some of my past and present  artwork. A selection is available as limited edition prints or limited edition reproduction canvas prints. Some originals are available for sale please make your inquiry via the contact page.

Abstract Gallery  



 Landscape Gallery 

Dunn's River -Jamaica (private collectionTropical View ( near Dunns River-Private collection)Mystical Moon £420waterfall   £350Tropical Breeze   £415 (Sale due to minor damage, now £280)
Mother Earth (private collection) Limited edition prints available  Meditiation  £850Meditational vibes  £920Music is My Life   £1050Unity   (private collection) Limited Edition prints available
Dancing Ice Man   £580Rasta Vibration's   £280Tropical Heat Wave (Tropical breeze) £480 My Apple (apple of my eye) (work in progress )Tom Tom  £550
Cry Africa (Private collection) Limited Edition prints available Hope  £650Under The Palmtree  £460Tropical Fruit  £180 More Ackee  £220
Transition £850 SOLDMidnight Dream  £150Whispering Aura   £65Burning Umber  £350Bolt-a-licious   £300
Blow Your Horn £220Balloon Time Aura  £220Booty -Licious   £420Catch-a-fire   £650Reaching gold double double £310
Princess Jamaica £4,000 Out of Many  £4,600